Thank you all for your votes for the future home of the Business Forum. This morning’s meeting resulted in a great discussion with many viewpoints expressed.

The final vote is in!

BREAKTHROUGH is our new home!

One of the benefits of holding our weekly meeting at Breakthrough is the coffee only option at a very nominal cost.

To facilitate things, we are asking that if you opt for the coffee only option, please pay for the entire 2nd quarter (through June) for $15, with a check payable to BreakThrough.

Payment for 3rd and 4th quarter coffee will be $25, due on July 1.  This will make things easier for Breakthrough, and you will have the receipt for your taxes.


Consider membership at Breakthrough for $49/month with the following benefits, exclusively designed for Business Forum Members:

  • Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm access
  • Dry cleaning drop off and pick up – 20% off the first order
  • Free personal training – trainer will be available 2x per week
  • 100 black/white print copies – addl. copies $.04 b/w, $.40 color
  • Lunch on site 2x per week – $5-7 per plate
  • Fiber internet
  • Booking credits – 1 classroom credit, 5 meeting room credits
  • Free parking
  • Free drinks
  • $25 WS Chamber dues (no contract)
  • Downtown Winston Salem Partnership Membership $10
  • Prayer group – 1x/month
  • Massage Therapist on site – $15 off for you or 1 family member

We look forward to seeing everyone at our new home next Thursday.  

Networking starts at 7:30 AM,  Meeting runs 8-9 AM

111 N. Chestnut St.  Winston Salem, NC

Free parking is available in the lot at the rear of the building, down the steep ramp at the North side side of building. Please do not park in reserved spaces.

Enter building from parking area (or from the street entrance) – code is 4746. Breakthrough is on the 2nd floor.

Please bring visitors that you think may benefit from the Business Forum.